New Year Special
Chocolate Workshop
Surprise your loved ones with homemade assorted chocolates.
10 January 2021 | 03:30 PM IST
It's New Year time and we are with the best tasting assorted chocolate recipes from Nandini Kapur, to help you make using common materials and surprise your friends and family.
What will you learn?
Baking Lesson
Make chocolates together with professional baking artists.
Assorted Chocolates
Art of making assorted chocolates which we all love.
Have Fun
That's it, that is all you need to lighten up your new year's eve.
Stack up your shelves with these baking artist recommended ingredients to get the best out of this fun filled workshop.
You can also buy the ingredients while registering for the workshop and we will ship it to your home :)
[Swipe and scroll right to see all the items of ingredient table]
The Artist
Nandini Kapur
Nandini Kapur is a professional Assorted Chocolate, Cake baking, Assorted Cupcakes & Cookies baking artist
"I was always fond of baking in my leisure time. The desire of making at home and serving them to kids and family, seeing happiness in their eyes, made me stick to it and keep making it and then sharing it online with everyone, feels like spreading happiness."
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