Zain Siddiqui
Zain tries to inject art into everything with Wicked Broz. Their amazing team does graffiti, installations, conducts street art festivals and engages communities in a dialogue with artists.
"I Discovered That I Had A Gift To Turn Everything Into Art"
– Zain Siddiqui
Wicked Broz
What are they doing here?
Wicked Broz is a street art and graffiti company crafted by Zain along with Omkar Dhareshwar back in 2014.

Their deepest impact is on Marol in Andheri East where they managed to win the support of local residents association in spreading street art. They helped organise the 1st Indian street art festival for women in March 2019.

Today, Marol Art Village has one of the highest concentrations of street art pieces from global artists and has been covered by Red Bull in their award winning documentary 'In My Hood' along with being featured in the "Top 62 off beat places to visit in India" by Nat Geo Traveller Magazine.

Trying to change the world, one wall at a time.
Whatever he does, Zain tries to find a soulful connection to it.
We are glad and feel honoured to have them onboard #craftink and we really look forward to some amazing sessions with Zain and his team.
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